What is BrandProdigy.com?
It’s all about Domain Names, Branding, Digital Marketing, and Resourceful Blog for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Who are the community we wish to serve?
Entrepreneurs who wish to create successful brands , who wish to learn about domain names, branding and digital marketing.

Any special interest or focus area?
We laud the Women Entrepreneurs. We believe they put-in more of both their hearts and brains into their business.

Do we provide domain brokerage services?
No. We do not. For names provided by creatives, we simply direct you to their sales page. We don’t charge you anything.

Do we charge a commission on sale of the names submitted by creatives?
No. We don’t charge commission on sales to either the buyer or seller.

Do we charge listing fee for listing domain names?
Yes. We may charge a nominal listing fee to list / advertise domain names on our site from creatives for a fixed period. We also may charge for niche advertising on our esteemed site.

How the domain names are listed and sold with us?
The Domain names are listed under the Creatives menu and on selection of a name the details are displayed. The prospect can acquire the name by clicking the link provided.

The Domain names business is a very volatile market place. The sale will take place based on the availability of name.