Brand Prodigy’s 10 Ideas For Blogs And Businesses – #3

Even the best of business, be it Facebook , or started from an idea. Yes, stand tall, speak out, its the age of the entrepreneur today. Express your ideas and create something awesome. Blog name. Just a goodies name. Most religious places have seven steps at the entrance, hence this name. Funny blog name. Blog name. Can mean many things. We know thinking

Brand Prodigy’s 10 Media Branding Ideas For Blogs And Businesses – #2

Ideas strike when you least expected it to come, and it need not be from the brain storming session or from the controlled ideation room. If your driven and positive person, Ideas can appear from anywhere. Make sure to capture it, and act on it. Rapid Media Network (.com) Rapid is the success formula in today’s social format media business. Print Media House (.com) Print media is going to come

Brand Prodigy’s 10 Branding Ideas for blogs and businesses – #1

We at believe that, the root of an entrepreneur project starts with an Idea, and that idea culminates into something extraordinary when passion, and resources are added to it. Digital Minimalism Digital Minimalism is a New Age necessity. Digital is everywhere. Overuse of digital media is making it’s benefits questionable: Lots of avenues for branding and blogging on this topic. Its a hot topic and most relevant too. Branding