Strong Branding – 14 prerequisites for a brand’s success in 2020 and beyond.

“Strong branding is pivotal to an organization’s success.” Strong Branding is essential for instant customer recognition of the brand, to bring brand awareness in the target markets, and also to have a competitive edge among competitions in one’s business niche. Listed below are the 14 essential key prerequisites for the aspiring entrepreneur’s to note regarding strong branding needs of an organization. 1. Consistency In today’s business scenario, branding needs to

Branding in 2020 – Q&A for the Aspiring Entrepreneur.

1. What’s Branding like in 2020 ? Trends show us that, we will have the following basic differentiator’s in branding trends in 2020: – Social Consciousness in branding – Community-centered company / brand operations – Customer relationships (that are timely, authentic and personalized) – Creative Video based (Ultra resolution Visual Entities) 2. Want will be the customer / consumer‘s expectations in 2020? Entrepreneurs must understand that, customers will go beyond


Presented below are the words quoted by top 10 branding blogs about the power of branding … “A brand name can be one of the most valuable assets a company possesses. It can lend credibility to product efficacy and provide an assurance of quality, letting consumers know what they can expect when they buy a product. But because brand building can be costly and time consuming, it can be extremely

Building Brand Loyalty in an Extremely Competitive Marketplace.

This is for the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to build customer/brand loyalty. Acquiring loyal customers takes more than a just presenting a great product or service. Its an end result of relentless positive interactions with your customers, both, in person and/or digital, and is built over time, based on his/her level of trust in your people, and your companies offerings. Building brand loyalty is difficult, but, there are some markers.

Scale Your Company From Good To Great!

“The art of Creative Branding.” Branding is NOT the logo.  It’s NOT  the visuals one sees about a company.  It’s NOT the products a company makes. It’s NOT the slogan of the company.  It’s NOT the advertising campaign.  And above all, Branding of a company is NOT controlled by the company itself. Then, What is Branding all about? Branding is the gut feeling a customer has about your company. The