Are you an entrepreneur looking for some good business ideas/names? We present herewith some of them to supplement your creative mind. If your wish to register, Please Check Availability to ensure they are available.


Silk is the new gold, women love it. Superb name for silk based branding.

Friendship happens over Chai (Tea) and this is a creative name for tea joints / online store.

Sunscreen Product apt name. Easy to brand, remember, and achieve prolonged market success.

Superb name for a natural beauty product. Amazing name with character and class.

Startup name / Find Co-founders – Creative name

Super Excel GiG worker / Financial Spreadsheet Name/ App / Product Name.

Super Financial Product Name / Software / App

Nice Brandable / Company / Product in the Advertisement Niche

Good Green Diet / Natural Living Blog

Fengshui – Name / Practitioner

Massage Product name.

Audio Video Maintenance Company name AVMaint Corp Etc.,

Josh is the positive energy and keu to it. Multi-use.

Passive income website / training / product.

Step by Step methods to edit and handle pictures / App / Product

Organizing Divinity Outdoor tours are now a flourishing Business.

Nice short App appraisal site name.

Exact Match name for pigeon farming / keeping

Super Name for Weekend Dance Class Branding

Super Training Skilling Name / placement site

Signage Business / Advertisement business super name.

Name of a Creative Use Eco product (to be developed)

Nice Falcon name – Brandable.

Super Brandable Name for tools. Knack is essential to handle tools.

Some stress is essential for existence and its called the idealstress anything more is BP

This can be interpreted as Women of Fame, and its a nice blog name.

Web Analytics Name – Creative Name / Top 10 Lister Sites / Good Traffic Prospects

This is a online store name for ordering fixed supplies for homes and offices on month-month basis – example Newspaper, Milk etc.,

Demo and creative studio works creators brand name. everything is visual in today’s tech age. Good prospects for visual products.

Good Feminine Name / product name

Audio Editing App / Audio Dissecting tool.

Techies in software companies are now picked up by special bus to avoid loosing them in road accidents (its a fact). Good name for multi use.

Superb Name for Tech / Intent of Bit / Ethical Hacking – loved this one.

Religious Name


Beds / Cots / Product Name – Creative


Super App Name / Easy to remember and brandable. Long lasting name.

Cookery Show name

Business Chat App name – super creative name

Wey Shop – exact match popular name ( WEY – unit of weight or volume varying with different kinds of goods)

Virtual Reality Name

Creative Feminine name

Self improvement Niche / BLog

Jargon Buster Site / App

State Names are supper successful Businesses.

The Name says it all / Creative name for the Rich Blog

Twitter Based business name

Devine / meditation name

Career Guidance name.

Best Wishes

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Disclaimer: The Listed Domain Names were expired names and were available for registration during the time of posting this list on 8th Jan 2020. However, Please Note: Some Businesses by now may be using the above mentioned names hence, one needs to do due diligence and check availability / trademarks of names and the market scope before investing time and resources.

Note: The names listed are based on the container value,meaning, the possibility of converting it into a profitable business, and not based on measured metrics of any kind. If any existing business idea is listed please contact usand the relevant mention will be verified and removed. Does these ideas inspire you or has helped you to spot that business you always aspired to do? Did you spot a domain name that you were able to register? If you wish to Buy us Coffee” you are welcome to do so or use the link if you wish to Donate Us”, alternatively you can Request us an NDA / removal of name from above list” if you have registered a name from here and need to keep in private. Please be aware that the ideas listed herein is indicative and one is advised to do due diligence or market survey before venturing.


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