Are you an entrepreneur looking for some good business ideas/names? We present herewith some of them to supplement your creative mind. If your wish to register, Please Check Availability to ensure they are available.

App / SAAS name



Product – health grains

Food Brand

Name found dropped and registered many times


Print toner app

SEO / Search Engine

Tour / Leisure Business

Factory Direct Sale / Factory Seconds Sale

Product / cookery blog

Organisation / blog

Label Plate Business Ready (OurPet.Life)

Pet Blog / Shop

Business Ready

Business ready / maps / atlas

VR Apps Business

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Name

Creative name – Email Service / Business Ready

Copy Writing Business

Creative business



Creative name for upcoming webinars

Website Views Tracker App

Creative Brand / Green vegan blog

Eco Product


Creative multipurpose name for adventure sport site / Motivation – – – –

Short Brandables

Product / Medical


Creative name multipurpose

Business ready

Yoga Product Store

Shopping website

Tech Blog Name

Cookery show / product



Men’s Silk Products / tie

Virtual Reality name

Health product

Magazine / publication

Product / medical

Listing / directory service business

Tablet pc online shop

Medical / B.Control Pill



Register Names

You may use this LINK (affiliate) for lower prices and dependable registrars. Please use the coupon code provided therein for discounts.


Disclaimer: The Listed Domain Names were expired names and were available for registration during the time of posting this list on 4th Jan 2020. However, Please Note: Some Businesses by now may be using the above mentioned names hence, one needs to do due diligence and check availability / trademarks of names and the market scope before investing time and resources.

Note: The names listed are based on the container value,meaning, the possibility of converting it into a profitable business, and not based on measured metrics of any kind. If any existing business idea is listed please contact usand the relevant mention will be verified and removed. Does these ideas inspire you or has helped you to spot that business you always aspired to do? Did you spot a domain name that you were able to register? If you wish to Buy us Coffee” you are welcome to do so or use the link if you wish to Donate Us”, alternatively you can Request us an NDA / removal of name from above list” if you have registered a name from here and need to keep in private. Please be aware that the ideas listed herein is indicative and one is advised to do due diligence or market survey before venturing.


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