“Strong branding is pivotal to an organization’s success.”

Strong Branding is essential for instant customer recognition of the brand, to bring brand awareness in the target markets, and also to have a competitive edge among competitions in one’s business niche.

Listed below are the 14 essential key prerequisites for the aspiring entrepreneur’s to note regarding strong branding needs of an organization.

1. Consistency

In today’s business scenario, branding needs to powerful in all aspects, and very consistent too.

2. Create the Right Brand Impact

The size of the organization is not a factor for branding consideration. The impact of right or wrong branding is by and large same on both.

3. Customer Loyalty

Business credibility, customer loyalty is the perks of good branding strategy.

4. Knowledge is Power

Today, entrepreneurs must deepen their knowledge on the branding methodologies to succeed in the global business landscape.

5. Brand Communication

Brand communication is essential and it will result in a source of revolution, awareness, and motivation for both internal, and external stake holders of an organization.

6. Brand Management

Brand management is essential in today’s contest, and thus having a specialized group or entity to handle brand storytelling and customer connect is well deserved.

7. Outsource

Consultations / consultants may be hired to provide direct the organization on various aspects of brand management.

8. Trademark

Licensing / trademarks / copyright / brand architecture is another area to be looked after for value protection and scaling legally.

9. Social Media Management

Social networking, social media management is also a vital area to be concerned with as an entrepreneur. The social media is a key driver in branding initiatives for any size of organization in today’s connected world, particularly to connect to the youth.

10. Set an example

Career management, attrition management, exit management, induction training etc., are a vital part of the branding process too.

“The way one treats their people speaks volumes about the way they treat their customers.”

11. Media Publishing

Media connect is essential aspect of good branding strategy. Publishing analysis of journalists, Q&A on various trending topics, reflecting the voices of industry leaders all add meat to the branding initiatives.

12. Industry Connect

Connecting to industry experts / leading branding practitioners will keep the entrepreneur abreast with the latest methodologies adapted to create a positive brand image.

13. Skilling

Re-skilling is an essential component of brand strategy implementation. Everyone involved within the organization needs to be updated, and trained at regular intervals, be it in advertising, design, or public relations.

“Regular skilling is a hallmark of continued organisational growth.”

14. Branding Audit

Branding audit needs to be conducted on a bi-annual basis to assess the performance of various branding initiatives, and to ensure branding compliance thus, reducing the risk factors, and increasing the market stability.


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