1. What’s Branding like in 2020 ?

Trends show us that, we will have the following basic differentiator’s in branding trends in 2020:

– Social Consciousness in branding
– Community-centered company / brand operations
– Customer relationships (that are timely, authentic and personalized)
– Creative Video based (Ultra resolution Visual Entities)

2. Want will be the customer / consumer‘s expectations in 2020?

Entrepreneurs must understand that, customers will go beyond visual entities and drive deeper in brand value and what they represent and stand for.

3. As an Entrepreneur should I employ a digital branding company to take care of my branding needs?

Yes. It’s better to entrust this work to an established / reputed and experienced branding agency, as every parameter of business, is one way or other, touches the branding aspect. Thus, it needs to be taken care of professionally, and new branding trends needs to be implemented in your marketing strategy for the success of your product or service.

4. Does personalizing the company’s brand help?

In today’s times, personalizing the product or service means a lot to the customer and your market success will due to one major factor, that is the trust factor. Brands that personalize or customize to the consumers needs are more trusted in the market place. The customer immediately recognizes that someone is not trying to sell something and go away but, is genuinely interested in the needs and taste of its customers.

5. Does blogging / content marketing relevant?

Yes. Storytelling is a very important part of branding. The more personalized stories you have about your brand, the more it reaches the people. Stories help create a brand personality in the sense.

6. Can I automate everything in my company?

Yes. Automation cuts cost in the long run, and reduces human error but, there is a flip side too, nobody wants to deal with machines, thus, one needs to tell the prospect, that a real human with values is behind everything they see, hear, and do in dealing with your stake holders. Your uniqueness is what stands out. Rationalization matters.

7. Can I use chat bots and AI automation?

Yes. Chat bots are tools of conversational marketing and helps to engage customers and helps to enlighten them on your offerings, thus, it can become a vital portion of your sales funnel. But, a live chat with a human is always better, whenever possible, both time wise and staffing wise.

8. Can social media presence help business?

Definitely Yes. Mere presence doesn’t help. Social media active communities need to be built around your brand wherever possible, and this has a multiplier effect on your branding and business. However, one has to understand that any negativity can also spiral and do equal damage. Thus, exercise caution and it’s always recommended to take professional help in dealing with social media handles. Online forums is another better way of providing a platform for your users/customers to air their queries and get tips and help. People also might share their requirements, feedback, opinions and suggestions on such forums thus helping your business to reform and grow with their inputs.

9. How can I increase customer experience?

One of the way to create an exceptional customer experience is to give them a self service portal to take care of all they need 24/7 like payment status, tracking consignment, gifting options etc., be with them always and keep giving them status through mobile messaging etc., the more you use technology and service them the more better the customer feels.  They are even ready to pay a little bit extra when blended with good service and perhaps self service is best. it makes them not to depend or wait for anyone.

10. What is a social conscience with reference to branding?

Being sensitive to various social causes like environment, inclusion, diversity, equal opportunity, gender diversity etc.m and by showing that you genuinely care and doing something for it. Using renewable energy for your like solar energy saving water resources, discouraging plastic use etc., are some other means to remain socially committed.

11. Can I use a mobile only strategy?

No. Mobile first strategy works better. There are still lots of users on laptops and desktops who might access your application and tools. Many companies in the recent past who switched to mobile-app only had experienced fall in revenues, and have switched back to mobile first strategy.

12. Is email marketing relevant in today’s digital space?

Yes. Very much. The only difference is that, in today’s scenario, targeted email marketing with specially curated content is what most people expect. Informative and resourceful emails do the desired job.

13. Can I use influencer marketing tactics?

Yes of-course – Influencers nowadays has a big say in your line of business and can play an important part in your online branding strategy. That’s the trend and will continue to be so in this connected world. The only important point to consider is the relevance when choosing the influencer, they must by relatable to your core brand values.

14. Are offline display ads a thing of the past?

No. It’s very much alive and ticking. Digital billboards at vantage points are still sought after in today’s crowded and competitive market place. Make it stand out, relevant and always talk about promotions to catch eyes. Native ads are here to stay and can consist of a major portion of your ads budget.

15. What market strategy works in the present digital scenario?

Have a unified approach and include all areas of your business, above all, since the markets today cut across borders and cultures, we recommend you have small custom plans for individual markets and one larger plan for the company as a whole, to address market variables, and conditions across geographies.

16. Should I hire a digital marketer?

Yes. Have a separate digital strategy, and since online marketing or digital marketing today is a bit complex, a good SEO professional would help to get organic traffic, and also the right traffic / leads for your online websites.

17. What is the right Content Marketing Strategy?

Produce great content that is valuable to the user/consumer. Content that is both simple, apt, memorable, usable, interesting and educative.

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