This is for the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to build customer/brand loyalty. Acquiring loyal customers takes more than a just presenting a great product or service. Its an end result of relentless positive interactions with your customers, both, in person and/or digital, and is built over time, based on his/her level of trust in your people, and your companies offerings.

Building brand loyalty is difficult, but, there are some markers. Here we have listed some key factors aiding customer loyalty:

“It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.” – Henry Ford

Provide exceptional customer service.

Plan this well in advance, before the launch of the product/service.

Leverage best and latest technology.

This will help your customers solve their requirements in a better way, and delight them.

Always concentrating on providing true value to your customer.

At the end of the day, only value will make him/her to return to you.

Keep the communications open.

Create awareness of the new product and services offered by your company from time to time by updating your customer over mail or other forms of communication.

Be Authentic. Always.

Being fake will show up in more vivid ways that one would imagine.

Be Honest with your customer.

If you want them to be loyal to your brand – Do what you say, else don’t say period.

Do something unique.

Don’t simply go with the trend. No one wants to be with a commoner. Make your customer feel delighted, and special while dealing with your people/company/product/service.

Stay in tune with the times.

This should reflect in every aspect of your branding, and business from time to time – Time check frequently, and ensure you sync with the current generation, and times, and update. Stay relevant.

Build a success mindset.

Build success mindset at every levels, and not a problem mindset. Customer will easily read into it. Success mindset is contagious, it reaches your customer too.

Be Reliable.

Help out when asked for. Answer your customers queries in a time conscious way.

Be Consistent, and Have a clean/clear brand image.

Yes, let your yesterday, today, and tomorrow speak the same values, and be consistent in that. observe the big guys in business, Google, Microsoft, SAP etc., they all have one thing in common – consistent brand image, and company culture.

Keep your people.

Increase employee loyalty first – When we are not able to retain our internal human talent, how can we even think of retaining our customer? Ensure work life balance for your employees, and this will in-turn help build brand loyalty because, the way you treat your people, is the way you treat your customers. Your customers will find this out sooner.

Give back to the community.

Loyalty rewards, and incentives to your loyal customers will help build a bonding to your brand.

Take responsibility.

Sometimes, someone takes a wrong decision, and things goes wrong in the product, things like that do happen, it’s quite common. But, taking ownership of the resulting consequences, and communicating to the customer is what matters. Responsible companies accept their flaws say for example, a quality glitch in a car like an engine heating problem. They take back the car, communicate to the customer, and replace the faulty product. This way, the customer understands it , and connects emotionally with the brand.


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