Building Brand Loyalty in an Extremely Competitive Marketplace.

This is for the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to build customer/brand loyalty. Acquiring loyal customers takes more than a just presenting a great product or service. Its an end result of relentless positive interactions with your customers, both, in person and/or digital, and is built over time, based on his/her level of trust in your people, and your companies offerings. Building brand loyalty is difficult, but, there are some markers.

Migrating from UX to VX: Branding for a Voice-First Future

Brand communication is, quite literally, becoming a dialogue as we converse with voice assistants in the comfort of our own homes. In-store experiences are even more accessible at home, thanks to Smart Speakers, as we invite brands into our living rooms. Summary “Today, Voice is the liaison between your audience and your brand. “ Yes, It’s an opportunity to create deeper connections and strengthen the bonds between consumers and their