We at BrandProdigy.com believe that, the root of an entrepreneur project starts with an Idea, and that idea culminates into something extraordinary when passion, and resources are added to it.

Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism is a New Age necessity. Digital is everywhere. Overuse of digital media is making it’s benefits questionable: Lots of avenues for branding and blogging on this topic. Its a hot topic and most relevant too.

Branding Metrics / Brand Metrics

Branding is the soul of any business today. It helps the business to stand out from millions of similar products and services with a USP. Branding gives identity and visibility: So are you an entrepreneur who can work to create a perfect metrics to measure brand success (or) brand reach? Lots of potential for blogging on this topic.

Crunch Timely

Nice brand name for snacks

Smart Volunteering

Tips and techniques

Addictive Skills

Nice course / education site

Blogging star

The Stars of blogging world.

Race Engineered

Blog all about the racing world

Surprised By Design

Yes, It’a a new term but a fantastic one for design related blogging or company.

Interactive Content

The future is all about IoT and Interactive Content

Viable Revenue

Financial blogging prospect

Does these ideas inspire you or has helped you to spot that business you always aspired to do? Did you spot a domain name that you were able to register? Let us know, a line of thanks is all that we aspire. If you wish to Buy us Coffee” you are welcome to do so and will help us to continue to serve you with a smile.


Disclaimer: Businesses may already be using the above mentioned words hence, one needs to do due diligence and check availability / trademarks of names and the market scope before investing time and resources.


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