“The art of Creative Branding.”

Branding is NOT the logo.  It’s NOT  the visuals one sees about a company.  It’s NOT the products a company makes. It’s NOT the slogan of the company.  It’s NOT the advertising campaign.  And above all, Branding of a company is NOT controlled by the company itself.

Then, What is Branding all about?

Branding is the gut feeling a customer has about your company. The name is enough to bring a collection of perceptions in the mind of the customer. A feel good factor. Everything else one does simply influences the branding. That’s It.

“Brands have Conscience.”

Customers must buy into and not just buy, They must buy the brand promise to bring in brand value. That’s why we at BrandProdigy say ‘The Name is Enough’ people go with it. They trust it. It’s not built easily. For example, let’s say ‘Nike’, the name says it all.. happy and sportive!

What makes a Good Brand Great?

Great brands have built a name in their industry. They don’t interrupt people; they involve them. Engage them. They differentiate themselves by being inclusive. They’re more democratic. They engage their customers emotions.

Great branding is providing unique value propositions and clearly articulating your differentiation against competitors. Competing on attributes that your competitors have failed to serve and communicating these  to consumers in the right way. Taking branding leadership and culture in the right direction. Defining your brand by not what you make but what you make happen and by making a difference.

“Create a profound and enduring connection with the customer.”

Great brands addresses peoples problems and helps people through advice not adverts. They believe in delivering activities people care about. They are known for staying in tune with what people want and expect.

“Right Branding is key to long term customer loyalty and ultimately trust & greatness.”

Its all about Clarity of Intent and Purpose; what it stands for and how it differs from competitors is what helps a company branding scale-up from good to great.

“Admirable branding strategy, a good belief system and a vibrant product or service with full of life will end up with your customers evangelizing your brand to others.”

Reputation, Trust, The Hard-work of many people, and Results all go hand in hand when scaling from good to great branding. People like to see, use, hear and relate to amazing products and services that not only look beautiful but are successful and are in vogue.

Building a good perception in the minds of our people about your company or product is fundamental to great branding and one need to cultivate, guard and maintain that perception for winning customer loyalty, customer advocacy and customer preference; Supplement it with wow product experience, amazing customer service, punch slogans, creative ads, and easy to use product manuals to get closer to your Customers hearts… Yes! it’s me Krish saying with my right hand placed on my heart – ‘get as close as possible’ you will appreciate.

“Be a customer champion.”

In addition, ensure consistent exposure of your brand by advocating its passion, uniqueness, competitiveness coupled with demonstration of excellent leadership by being good and consistently bringing massive value to your customers and all your stake holders – is an hallmark of good to great branding.

Along with all the above, always make sure to build something exciting. Because that’s what I love and that’s what your Customers love. Keep the freshness alive. Promote talent. Focus on quality. Work with the best businesses. Spot trends. Develop and attract in-house talent by managing their career progression and by constantly rewarding your people. Believe in dealing with hearts. Market with proven relationships both with customers and with all your on-line and off-line retailers. Establish top-notch strategic product/service pricing. Invest in CSR and clean energy. Employ expert publicists with proven expertise in social media and promotional campaigns who can get the word out about your product or service globally are the few things that help your organization scale from Good to Great.

We at Brand Prodigy Digital wish you the very best in your endeavor to scale from Good to Great from Better to the Best

“Transform. Inspire.”       

The art of Creative Branding is brought to you by BrandProdigy Digital.

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